Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Science is for everyone

As far back as I can remember, Science and Nature have captured my imagination. I spent long hours in my backyard examining blades of grass with a magnifying glass, finding interesting rocks, and trying to befriend the birds and squirrels that shared my little world.

Early on my parents nurtured my inquisitive nature by giving me books that were full of kid-sized experiments and answers to questions like, "why is the sky blue?". At a time when most families ate dinner in front of the TV, mine sat around a light-up globe and took turns finding and learning about other countries. Rainy days would find me sitting near my Mom and flipping through stacks of National Geographic magazines that she kept like encyclopedias.

My parents showed me the world as a place full of wonder, color, and mystery. They answered my many questions when they could and pointed me in the right direction to find answers when they couldn't. Most important of all, they taught me that the answer was only the beginning. Answers lead to more and more questions, and that is a good thing.

Here's the thing: my parents weren't scientists. But they nurtured in me a healthy scientific curiosity in me that continues to grow to this day. That is why I am starting this blog. I am not a scientist, but science is not just for those with PhDs. It is for all of us who have questions. It is for all of us who find wonder in the world around us. I hope I can spark your curiosity.


  1. What about the butterflies?

  2. Molly- Oh you know I am going to get to them at some point!